Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Benfica Academy DC (travel soccer) has outdoor training locations in two areas around the Washington, DC metro area to make our program accessible to players. Our travel program teams train either in Takoma Park, MD or Frederick, MD. Teams will train in only one of those two locations - meaning Frederick based players will not have to travel to Takoma Park for outdoor training (and vice versa).

Pre-travel programs (First Steps, Pequenos, and Liga Benfica) are available in Takoma Park, and Washington, DC.

What league and tournaments will we play in?

Benfica Academy DC teams will play in EDP. Teams will compete in the EDP league appropriate for their skill level. Academy teams will also compete in State Cup and Presidents Cup competitions, continuing on to US Youth Soccer Regional and National Tournaments should they qualify.

In addition, each team can participate in regional, national, and international tournaments at the team's discretion and on recommendation by the technical staff.

What are the costs associated with travel soccer?

Members of the travel soccer program will pay a program fee to participate. The fee is dependent on the player's age and team level and in line with other clubs in the Washington, DC area. Monthly payments are an option and limited scholarships are available.

In addition to the program fee, there is a team fee which will cover individual team costs like tournament fees, coach travel costs, and US Youth Soccer competitions (i.e., State Cup, Regionals, etc.) Prior to the start of the season, staff will work with parents to plan tournament participation and specify the team fee.

Finally, families are required to cover their own individual travel costs and pay for uniform and practice gear for their player.